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This bibliography is a rich and informative resource. It represents a comprehensive search of the medical literature on “familial Mediterranean fever” and the “autoinflammatory diseases” from 1947-2017.
More than 5,000 references (taking 4,000 pages) are listed here including titles, authors, journal information, and abstracts (when available).

This is a resource for finding research publications on a specific topic. Use the “word search” feature to find the articles that contain terms you specify. Go to the
drop-down menu under the “edit” heading. Click on “find” and a search field will appear. Enter your search term in the search field and hit “enter” and this will take
you to every reference in which that term appears. You can search on a topic such as “pregnancy” or on a specific mutation such as “M694V” or on an author’s
name, or on a specific autoinflammatory disease. Only one search term can be entered at a time.