Vahakn Atamyan, M.D.

Dr. Vahakn N. Atamyan MB, MD, GP, is a specialist in General Internal Medicine, practicing on Cyprus with a patient population with a high prevalence of FMF. His broad clinical experience with FMF brings critical expertise into the FMF patient community. He attended the Medical Academy in Sofia/Bulgaria, followed by a fellowship in cardiology and internal medicine. He has pursued training programs in General Internal Medicine at the teaching hospitals of Newcastle and Leeds in the UK, at the Tel-Hashomer, Shaim Sheba hospital in Israel for FMF and a diploma course in Practical Psychology at the London Educational Association Before opening his own practice.

Dr. Atamyan practiced at the Larnaca Makarios Hospital and the Nicosia General Hospital. Since 1988 Dr. Atamyan has been practicing Medicine in Nicosia with special interest in Internal Medicine, Cardiology and FMF. Since 1989 Dr. Atamyan has offered his services voluntarily as the doctor in charge of the Melkonian Educational Institute and the Kalaydjian Rest Home for the Elderly. In 1992 he was appointed by the United Nations (U.N.) Headquarters in New York as the U.N.’s Examining Physician in Cyprus. Dr.Vahakn Atamyan was elected as the Armenian Representative in the Parliament of Cyprus, and served in the house from October 2005 till May 2006. As a parliamentarian Dr. Atamyan represented the Cypriot Parliament for the 15th anniversary of the Armenian parliament.

Dr. Atamyan was Vice-President of the Board of the Medical Association of Nicosia – Kyrenia “IPPOKRATIS” from 2003-2006, President of the Pan-Cyprian Medical Association for Pre- Registration Doctors 1986-1987, Member of AMIC “Armenian Medical International Congress” since 1992 and member of the International Society of Auto-Inflammatory Diseases, since 2010. He has published research on FMF in the Cypriot population which can be seen here.

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