Recent research papers on COVID-19 in autoinflammatory patients (Two FMF specific papers)

Recently published medical papers on COVID-19 in autoinflammatory patients

Here are a few recently published papers on cases of autoinflammatory disease patients that have had COVID-19. This collection of articles was gathered by Karen Durrant who is founder and President of the Autoinflammatory Alliance.

> “Clinical course of COVID-19 in a cohort of 342 familial Mediterranean fever patients with a long-term treatment by colchicine in a French endemic area:

> “COVID-19 outcomes in patients with familial Mediterranean fever: a retrospective cohort study”

> “COVID-19 in Autoinflammatory Diseases with Immunosuppressive Treatment”

> “Management of childhood-onset autoinflammatory diseases during the COVID-19 pandemic”

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